2. April 2006

i am a tofu virgin

i have to admit i never had tofu before. so last week i bought tofu in order to search for some easy recipes on the internet, something even a tofu virgin like me could handle. as i was going through my kitchen cabinet yesterday evening i found some rice noodles i hadn't thought of in ages (i had a big thing for asian cuisine last summer, i ate stir fry every day for like 3 months!) as well as a can of bamboo shoots i purchased a while ago. i thought i might mix that up and have my first tofu experience. i figured when it comes to cooking i could handle the tofu like regular white meat, so this is what i came up with:

250 g tofu
150 g bamboo shoots
teriyaki sauce
stir fry rice noodles

01 place rice noodles in a bowl and cover with boiling water
02 cut tofu and fry with a little oil in a wok over medium heat
03 add finely cut garlic
04 add bamboo shoots and stir-fry until garlic starts to brown
05 season with teriyaki sauce and finally add the drained rice noodles
tasting the outcome of my first tofu adventure was kind of disapointing. i mean, the dish wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't really mouthwatering either. as far as the other ingredients are concerned it all was pretty asian-influenced, but when it came to the tofu ... it was rather spongy and tasteless.

i have to admit that i am not really keen on soy anyway. i am always willing to give new stuff a try, but when i bought soy milk for the first time about a year ago and i could not even finish off the carton. i did not like it at all - the consistency, the taste and especially the aftertaste it left in my mouth.

i am sorry to say that cooking with tofu was an equally disappointing experience. i guess i'll stick to chicken in the future :)

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tony hat gesagt…

tofu is good, but you can use cottage cheese too. I had a recipe on indian cottage cheese, paneer

KJJ hat gesagt…

i agree with you, tofu can be yucky. the trick is to press out all the water, then (and this is important) marinate it! there are great marinades for tofu. try to fry it crispy on the outside... then it is a bit more appetizing, with the soft and tasty insides full of flavour from being marinated. but you are right, tofu is quite weird.