23. November 2006

cooking with the queen bee

since i will spend the next few days at my parent's house i am planning to bring in the woman who taught me how to cook and let me dearrange her kitchen like a thousand times: my mama! but she has no clue yet. so please don't tell on me! i plan on having her as a guest-chef or even a guest blogger! her english is really okay but she is a little shy to actually use it. well, we can work on the post together, don't you think?

she agreed to join me in some organic food-shopping on our local market next saturday (finally i got her interested in a more healthy way of living!) and she is always very keen on hearing what i cooked and posted on my blog. she'd love to have one herself but the only thing she can do on a computer is play solitaire.

she'll be so surprised when we kids give the parents a laptop and "the internet" for christmas!!

then she can finally read the food blogs i slobber over all the time!
she's already a little jealous about all my access to wonderful recipes and websites!

i tell you, she'll never play solitaire again!

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gemma hat gesagt…

You made me laugh! My mother also plays solitaire on the computer :-D