12. November 2006

stuffed onion

i am a real fan of food that makes your breath smelly :) it never occured to me that this affectation might be a problem until i once saw the sick look on my friend's face when i told her about the pleasures of garlic. we where just ordering doner kebap to go in a small turkish shop and she disgustedly asked me if i was ever worried about my bad breath after eating onions or garlic in public. well, i never really was! but from that moment on i always carried mints in my purse. thank good i hardly ever have to worry about my garlicky breath when i cook that stuff at home!

1 large onion
100 g swiss chard
50 ml teriyaki sauce
125 g rice

  1. peel and slice top of onion.
  2. bring 1 liter of salted water to a boil and add rice.
  3. reduce heat, throw in the onion as well, cover and let simmer for 20 minutes.
    stuffed onion
  4. wash swiss chard and cut into desired size.
  5. in a saucepan heat teriyaki sauce and add the swiss chard. reduce heat and cover
  6. make sure that the onion is tender when the rice is done. take out the onion and let it cool.
  7. drain the rice and make sure to keep it warm.
  8. remove centers of the onion and be careful to leave the shell intact.
  9. chop centers and add to the swiss chard.
  10. cook over reduced heat for a few minutes and add half of the rice.
  11. mix thoroughly. the mixture should be rather sticky. spoon it into the onion and place on top of the remaining rice.
  12. drizzle with teriyaki sauce.

stuffed onion

i just wish you could stuff garlic. or i could try to stuff an onion with garlic! perhaps i should try to stuff an onion with altoids instead if i have plans for an evening with my thin-skinned friend!*lol*

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Pamela hat gesagt…

Nobody here in Spain ever worries about eating onions or garlic, in public, private, or otherwise. Perish the thought: I don't think there are any recipes, even for breakfast, that don't have at least one or other of those ingredients. (Not an entirely flippant comment, since tortilla, which people do often eat for breakfast, does indeed have onion in it.)

And, of course, when you live alone, it hardly matters. My dog is not going to complain about MY breath, for instance. :)

Apparently though, if you eat parsley after eating garlic, this cancels out the garlic smell.

Julie hat gesagt…

I love garlic also and I believe the best defense against others being bothered by your garlic breath is to make sure everyone around you is also eating garlic in quantity. If you're the one doing the cooking, it should be no problem.