15. November 2006

flavour enhancers and food additives

for the most part of my life i did not really care what i ate. if i liked a particular product i did not at all care what the label said. while i was aware of some cancer-causing stuff in my preprocessed food, of flavour enhancers and of food additives (i like to call them "e-nummern"), i did not care at all. i ate what i liked and i ate it all up.

i have to admit that i am a very sateless person. and i am a creature of habit. i still am a bit of a careless eater today. if i discover a new taste that i like i usually stock up my kitchen cabinets with the product, fruit or vegetable and just indulge in the new flavour until i am totally sick of it.

that is stupid, don't you think?

but maintaining this foodlog has influenced me beyond belief. i broaden my horizon with every blogpost i read on one of my 300 favorite foodlogs. that might sound cheesy, but i honestly learn so much on my daily tour through the internet. new recipes, new ways of living and cooking ... ever tried to cook gluten-free? that is damn hard! while i don't have to deal with coeliac disease i am always inspired by foodies that cook in a different way. i highly admire that.

and i read labels now. one of my favorite condiments is "brathuhngewürz", flavoring for roast chicken.

mononatriumglutamat (monosodium glutamate)

when i rip open a pack and sprinkle it over my chicken, i always lick that stuff off my fingers because i think it tastes sooooo goooood. with an increasing feeling of guilt, of course. i have been looking into the subject of flavour enhancers and food additives and i am increasingly worried. i replaced lots of the things i eat with organic products, i make my apple sauce of real organic apples now instead of buying the jars. the jars of apple sauce that always taste the same. always.

i like variety now. i enjoy the different flavours and textures. i am really taking this organic lifestyle seriousely and a reduced waistline, way better sleep and feeling less drained are some of the great side effects.

but then again there are things like this flavoring for roast chicken. it contains monosodium glutamate, which supposedly is bad for your health. i don't use lots of it, maybe i cook roast chicken every other month, but it still worries me. can i ever call my lifestyle "organic" when i cook with this stuff? it should be easy to reproduce because it only contains salt, paprika, garlic, pepper, marjoram and rosemary. i would ignore that monosodium glutamate, of course.

can you let go of your preprocessed things "poisoned" with the nasty flavour enhancers and food additives? well, for me that is really really difficult.

i forgot to mention that i am not only sateless but also bullheaded, stubborn and very obsessive when i get something into my head.

i already made some good changes in my life.
maybe i shouldn't worry so much.

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vasilisa hat gesagt…

I used to buy low-fat icecream. I loved it, and ate it a lot. And then I did some research on aspartame. I now try to find an ice-cream as natural as possible. I'd rather get a bit more fat, then kill my nervous system...

But I can't give up on chocolate... I know it's bad and all, but I just can't...