24. November 2006

the kitchen thing

okay, this will be a post not really related to food.

the other day, vasilisa from where is my dinner mentioned the ikea restaurant ... i am a huge fan of the food there, actually! since i sold my car i don't have the opportunity to go to my local ikea as often as i wish i could, but my mama, my sister and me have scheduled an ikea-date for next monday. i am so looking forward to this!

and who would have thought! i even have quite some money to spend this time! i am currently finishing my bachelor's degree in art and apparently i am a pretty good - i was granted a merit university scholarship (something like a merit bonus). now i can finally buy an essential piece of furniture: a BED! ever since i moved out of my shared flat two years ago i have slept on a mattress on my bedroom floor. and i did not even mind. i am more the student-type (despite i am 31 now) and i live a pretty low key life. i don't need a posh space to live, chrome faucets or mahogany sideboards - just any cosy old building will do.

one big disadvantage of my building are the crooked walls with no single right angle in my entire appartement. that will definitely drive you crazy if you want to hang shelves or if you want to mount wall storage in the kitchen. thank good i am totally into crafts, i sometimes have to be very creative if i have to come up with some emergency "this does not stick to the wall" - plan.

i really love my flat. you can't even tell that i have to live on a budget and that most of the furniture is rather cheap. it is really charming.

i'd love to be able to afford a new kitchen though. i have very little storage space and virtually no work space, this can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. the room layout itself is also a bit weird, since this large room contains kitchen, dining space, workspace and living room. i always gaze at the lovely displays at ikea (especially the "one room solutions") where they seem to be able to combine all the living space you need in a fassionable and affordable way. this is like furniture porn (or even more kitchen porn, since i loooooove to check out the kitchen departement at ikea)!

right now they have a contest at my ikea where you can win your dream kitchen.
of course i did enter the contest!
the only thing i had to do was design my dream kitchen with their kitchen planner:

i can soooooo see myself cook in my dream kitchen! now i either win or i somehow need to earn
€ 2.899,28 to actually buy the kitchen i'd really like to own ... okay, that won't happen. so i just have to win it.


gemma hat gesagt…

good luck with the contest!

vasilisa hat gesagt…

Looks so nice! You're right cooking in a dream kitchen is so much more fun... I finally have a good kitchen here, and I spend so much more time there than I did in my previous ones... (But maybe I'm just in love with my appliances...)