7. August 2006



my busy day today actually took my mind off euro blogging for once. i hadn't thought of it all day but as i was just coming home being really exhausted and going throug my mail i found a note from mr postman! he wanted to deliver a parcel from sweden, oh my god, check this out! silly me, i go to work instead of waiting at the porch for my parcel!! first thing tomorrow i will head to the post office to pick up my present from scandinavia ... yeah, i am really excited. i have not figured out yet who sent the parcel because mr postman's handwriting is really bad ... stay tuned, i'll post about it tomorrow.

it'll be a full scandinavian day tomorrow. my sister is staying at my place tonight and a parcel from sweden will be the perfect kickstart for our day at ikea!

plus, we will also meet johanna tomorrow, she's in linz for a few days ...


i have been a fan of hers ever since i started foodblogging and as i was rushing to the postoffice this morning it turnes out a lovely parcel from anne was waiting for me!

and how generous she is, incredible!

ebbp#5 - a parcel from sweden

ebbp#5 - a parcel from sweden ebbp#5 - a parcel from sweden

ebbp#5 - a parcel from sweden ebbp#5 - a parcel from sweden

anne included a lovely note where she told me why she had picked out the things she sent me.

  • dried strawberries (strawberries = summer)
  • dried green iranian raisins (how exquisit!)
  • chocolate covered sunflower seeds (extremely addictive!)
  • pocky (yeah, pocky! unfortunately you can't get them in austria)
  • sesame honey cakes (i just love sesame!)
  • crisp bread "hales" (perfect, savory crackers are amazing!)
  • biscotti with lavendar, almonds and chocolate (how thoughtful of you to include selfmade food)
thanks, i am really happy that you sent me so many lovely (and delicious) things! i hope you got "the perfect parcel" too, because i sure got my perfect one!

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Pam hat gesagt…

Soooo exciting!!!

Anne hat gesagt…

Oooh, yeay! I'm so happy to hear it got there safely. Enjoy!! :)

Pam hat gesagt…

Oooohhh, gorgeous sounding treats!!

Julia hat gesagt…

I’ve just started as well a foodblog - TastingLife - and this Blogging by Mail sounded so much fun; I immediately entered for the next round! :)
You’ve got a great blog, love the way you write, will certainly come back! :)
Really hope you'll check my new blog too! :)