26. August 2006

jam again: plum and cinnamon

marmelade: zwetschke und zimt marmelade: zwetschke und zimt

those rainy weekends are just perfect for making jam and preserve the spirit, taste and texture of this years pretty hot summer for rainy fall and snowy winter. this year went by so fast, i can hardly belive it. i can preserve summer in a little jar though :)

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johanna hat gesagt…

aahh! zwetschkenmarmelade! one of my favourite jams. especially with cinnamon (apart from apple, cinnamon only really goes with plum anyway!). i couldn't believe it when i found some weck glasses in a shop in kingston this morning - I'll have to throw out all those old mustard and gherkin glasses now that I keep re-using and do it in style, like you do!
hope you are well...

Gizella hat gesagt…

hmmm, it looks delicious, too. The apricot one from you has almost gone away. There's only a little left at the bottom of the jar... yum-yum