6. August 2006

obsessive-compulsive "waiting-for-my-parcel" disorder

as i am sitting here thinking about a parcel on its way to linz every single minute (especially after my sister already got hers) i figured i need to get my mind off of it for a little while. and what's a foodie got to do? of course! i need to cook something!

"sort of" pizza margherita

for the dough i was combining 150 g of flour with some salt and half a pack of dry yeast. i made a smooth dough with half a cup of lukewarm water and a little olive oil. after kneading it for a few minutes i let it rise for 20 minutes. in the meantime i cut up one onion and 5 tomatoes and made some fried-tomato-and-onion gravy. i placed the dough on my little baking tray and spread the tomato/onion gravy on the dough and covered it with mozarella.

very yummy.

germteig, fried-tomato-and-onion gravy, mozarella, majorangermteig, fried-tomato-and-onion gravy, mozarella, majoran

still ... now that i am sitting here enjoying my litte mini-margherita i am starting to dream about euro blogging by post again ... talk about me being obsessed ... i might just be your regular crazy foodblogger though ... :)


Anupama hat gesagt…

Dein Pizza sieht wirklich "Mindblowing" aus. Wie sagt man Mindblowing auf Deutsch.Mozarella ist auch mein Lieblingskaese

Andrew hat gesagt…

The wait for the parcel is terrible isnt!

tschoerda hat gesagt…

mindblowing can be several things in german ... thanks for the compliment!