11. August 2006

guilty pleasure

cooks's notesthe other day i met lovely johanna from the passionate cook. she was in linz for a couple of days and she agreed on a little "date" at the most viennese kaffeehaus in all of linz. she was so very nice and generous to bring me many fine things - incredible wasabi-covered peanuts, very fancy chocolates, supergood marmelade and (magazine junkie flipping out-mode!) english cooking magazines.
and stupid me did not bring anything. how could i show up to an encounter with a foodie without at least a few little delicious things? (well, i payed her way in the kaffeehaus at least) .
i have been browsing the magazines and checking out the recipes over the last few days, and i came across a handy little conversion table of metric, imperial and american weights and measures. i always have trouble with converting measurements because most of the time i don't really stick to recipes. i will keep this one within easy reach for my next international cooking experiment!
and i will share some of the recipes of those supercool magazines in the very near future ... though the pictures in the magazines are a little intimidating as far as "foodography" is concerned. the recipes sure are all just to die for! i am already indulging in some very guilty pleasures ... i think i will try a naughty little salted macadamia millionaire's shortbread next week ... i first need to rush to the supermarket and get the ingredients for toffee filling and choclate topping ... *yummy*

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