23. März 2006

euro blogging by post 4 - a parcel has duly arrived

i received a nice parcel from christina today! how great!! it is filled with various delicious treats.

two cookie cutters - christina wrote that she collected dozens and hardly ever uses them - well, so do i! i collect them as well, but i use them at least 4 times a year (especially around xmas).

homemade parsley and walnut pesto - how nice to send something she made herself, how thoughtful! can't wait to feast on that!

almond crush - "this unique snack from japan has been loved throughout the world for many years". i have not heard of it before and the writing on the box is intirely in japanese. they look delicious and i will try them with a nice cup of english tea tonight.

scottish oatcakes - i love, love love all things remotely connected to great brittain. did you read my mind?

trout terrine with grilled almonds - sounds like a pretty luxurious ingredient. most surely a nice variation on my dull everyday menu!
thank you so much christina, i was so excited by your parcel and its content!

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Andrew hat gesagt…

Well that was quick! And what a fine looking collection - that pesto especially looks delishous.

Many thanks for taking part.

pocah hat gesagt…

nice package! well, I wish I could participate too, but apparently I live too far, lol! nice blog btw

mine hat gesagt…

Du Glückliche! Die Keksenaustecher sehen ja niedlich aus :)

Tea hat gesagt…

Oooh, how fun. And I love Pocky--a favorite of mine from when I lived in Japan. I hope you enjoy them.

And I hope you tell us who your parcel when to--once they have received it, of course:-)

tschoerda hat gesagt…

oh, my parcel went to "foodlog-royalty" :) but since he is not in the country right now, he hasn't blogged about the austrian delivery yet...

barbie2be hat gesagt…

i love Pocky! i think i brought back about 20 boxes in different varieties when i went to japan in '98. :)