27. Februar 2007

i am so going to buy this!

the yummy kitchen community device! (via techie diva)

"Yummy is a kitchen community device. It connects the kitchen to the cooking network and food blogosphere. It recommends you a good lunch, according to your food supply, current diet and receipes from the web. Yummy is specially designed for the kitchen. No waste of space : it fits on the wall. It is designed to enhance standing interactions (fast and simple operations) in the kitchen."

it recommends recipes based on your food supply, your diet, and recipes on the web. You can update your recipes by adding comments on the blog using the touchscreen and taking pictures from the plunging camera. It can also scan bar codes on products to add them to your house stock. yummy can also access media such as podcasts, video blogs, music, webtv, and skype.

it would be totally awesome to have a tool like this in the kitchen ...

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Trig hat gesagt…

I'm not convinced! Btw, my dad's old company NCR makes something that connects your fridge to the internet, spots when various compartments are empty and places orders with your online supermarket.

Rather than a computer, why don't you find someone to share your kitchen and act as a commis chef, doing the hard work for you?