22. Februar 2007

yes, gluten-free

taking an interest in my nutrition and being more aware of what i stuff in my mouth has one neat side effect: i now realise how diverse my diet has become over the past few month. i started to enjoy vegan and gluten-free food without even knowing it. i hold that accountable for a general improvement of my wellbeing. while i might not have the stamina to become a full-blown vegan, it is always delicious to try out new cooking methods off the beaten track (my beaten track, that is). i am such a huge fan of the gluten-free girl, by the way!

i started my food blog with buckwheat back in 2005. i ate it for the first time then and i fell in love with it right away. i even made a buckwheat pic my signature shot of my food-ography photoset over at flickr, and i never felt the need to change it, because i still think buckwheat is so incredibly delicious and versatile.

recipe # 2: clear buckwheat soup with veggies

3 tbsp buckwheat
1 tbsp vegetable oil
one carrot
500 ml water
bay leaf
  1. dice the onion and cut the vegetables
  2. in a pot, heat the oil and sautée the onions
  3. stir in the buckwheat and add the water (vegetable stock should taste fine too)
  4. bring to a boil
  5. reduce heat and let simmer for about 10 minutes (i like my buckwheat firm to the bite, if you like it softer, just increase the cooking time here)
  6. take out the bay leaf
  7. add the rest of the vegetables and let simmer for another 10 minutes
  8. when the vegetables are done season to taste and serve

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