27. Februar 2007

this is fast food

i am cheating, you say? how dare you!!

allright, allright.

the soup of the day really is a bit of a compromise. i was so busy and i stuffed my face with gebäck all day, no warm meal whatsover - unwilling to skip my daily soup i decided i'll give you an insight into austrian fast food (is there even such a thing?).

do you have leftover pancakes? unsweetened? yes? then whip out a bouillon cube, cut your pancakes into thin stripes and throw them in the boiling broth. there you have it:

recipe # 6: frittatensuppe

i always save leftovers of palatschinken (thin and delicate austrian version of pancakes) cut them in thin stripes and stick them in the freezer. all i have to do if i fancy frittatensuppe is to throw them in the boiling water and add a bouillon cube.

in fact, the soup even tastes better if your pancakes are one or two days old. it even works if you forget to store your palatschinken in an airtight container and they end up completely dry the next day.

frittatensuppe might be the most popular soup here in austria, you can get it in every wirtshaus and it is a vital element of a traditional sunday lunch. of course we make it fresh and from scratch then. but the fast food version for my hungry self is pretty darn good too!

i'll make you a propper soup again tomorrow :)


Trig hat gesagt…

Don't drink before you prepare soup. It makes it go out of focus.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

ha! that's not because of alcohol, that is a picture made with my mobile phone :) i was in such a hurry yesterday that i did not even have time to grab my camera to make a picture ... and i uploaded the whole post behind schedule too ...