4. Februar 2007

three kinds of wonderful

karotte, gelbe rübe, karotte (violet)
i have not been cooking at all in a while.

in a desperate attempt to save the remains of two farm boxes i found a lovely surprise today ... a violet carrot! i've never seen one before and i did not even know i had some delivered this week (stupid me, i am in such a hurry these days that i don't even read the bill of delivery in my farm box).

the violet ancestor of my regular (and much loved) orange carrot is indeed very pretty, but i had no idea that there are still so many colourful versions around!

karotte, gelbe rübe, karotte (violet)
and with the yellow carrot still in my fridge from last week i figured i'd make a carrot soup. simple, quick, plain old carrot soup. but three times as delicious as usually!

1 leek
3 carrots
olive oil
0,5 l
  1. cut the leek and fry it in a tables spoon of olive oil
  2. cut carrots into cubes, you can leave some dices for decoration
  3. when the leek starts to brown add half a liter of water and bring to a boil
  4. throw in the carrots and boil for about 10 minutes
  5. fish out the dices you'll need for decoration
  6. with a handblender, mash up the soup
  7. season to taste (i like salt only, but you can of course use what ever herb you like)
  8. ladle onto a soup plate and decorate with the colorful discs. i also decorated / seasoned the soup with pumpkin seed oil
carrot soup
not only very pretty, but very yummie as well!


Trig hat gesagt…

Welcome back to cooking. I can't pretend that carrot, carrot & carrot is my favourite soup (carrot & ginger, carrot & coriander, carrot & cumin...) but colours do improve a dish. I mean, you try eating something grey, grey and grey or brown, brown and brown (chocolate excepted of course).

tschoerda hat gesagt…

gosh, ginger!!! brilliant! why didn't I think of that!? damn, this might be the reason why YOU are the chef and I am just a girl that cooks every once in a while ... well, apart from that i really love, love & love carrots :)

vasilisa hat gesagt…

I've never even heard of a violet carrot! Looks so intriguing... If I ever see it around here, I'll certainly try it.

carrotmuseum hat gesagt…

For more information about the various colours of carrots, visit the web site - World Carrot Museum.

burekaboy — hat gesagt…

gerda!! what colours your shapely carrots have :P (LOL). can you even get those from your regular market or like us, in a specialty place? great pix. love carrot soup; i also did one a while back with pomegranate molasses. i should make some again.