8. Februar 2007

a pink elephant in the room


after my thoughts about vegetarianism the other day i noticed that i might not be cut out for it at all: for one, if i was a vegetarian, i figured i would clearly not choose this path for animal rights reasons. i would choose it for health reasons - my health, that is. i want to be healthier, i want to be fitter, i want to avoid all the the junk, the bad food additives and the e-numbers . i want to go organic with everything i eat, actually. including meat. i want to support local agriculture, local producers and i want to enjoy the harvest of my home soil.

being a vegetarian takes a lot of passion and devotion i guess. something that i lack most of the time, because i am a lazy person. i cheat. if i work out for 24 minutes i tell myself that i exercised for half an hour. see? i cheat! i totally lie to myself and i even believe it! i could never be a devoted vegetarian - i would always be a cheater. and not eating meat that often does not make me anything else than a person that does not eat meat that often.

thinking about banishing meat from my diet triggered a weird string of events: barbecue lunch invitations, very special bargain offers of various meats in my supermarket, delicious left overs from a party ... suddenly i see meat everywhere!! and i crave it every time! pork, that delicious pork!

it is almost like there's a pink elephant in the room and i am not allowed to talk about it because i made those remarks about turning into a vegetarian.

oh well.
self-awareness is a good thing, right?
so there you go.

pork pockets
i can not be a vegetarian.
i just can't.

and i will have pork pockets tonight. i have not eaten pork in years and suddenly my body (my mind?) demands it. and i will totally give in. just like oscar wilde said: "the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it ... i can resist everything but temptation." yes, i know exactly what he meant by that.

i am weak, and i like it.

3 mini steaks
a knob of butter
two carrots
a bell pepper
a tomato
100 ml of cream (i used rama cremefine)
fennel seeds
275 g of puff pastry
  1. season steaks with salt and pepper
  2. in a pan, melt a knob of butter and briefly brown the steaks
  3. in the meantime preheat oven to 180 °c
  4. take the meat out of the pan
  5. dice the vegetables and fry them in the same pan
  6. add the cream and the fennel seeds and let simmer for a while to reduce the liquid
  7. season to taste
  8. cut the puff pastry in 3 big pieces, place the mini steak in the middle and arrange the veggies on the meat
  9. fold together and bake at 180 °c for about 30 minutes. increase temperature to 220 °c and bake for another 15 minutes
pork pockets
pork pockets


Pamela hat gesagt…

Having four cats and a dog, I find that having mostly vegetarian food is the best way to ensure that I do get to eat, without an endless queue of beggars! But, I do eat meat when I go out and for special occasions and, figure that giving in to some of that temptation is better for my mental health than utter strictness.

Trig hat gesagt…

You had me really worried for a bit. Welcome back!

Rosa's Yummy Yums hat gesagt…

That's a good and wise decision ;-P!!!

I love your pork pockets (pork = yummy)! They look delicious... Now I'm craving for meat!

Take care of your health, but don't forget your soul!

vasilisa hat gesagt…

Don't be so hard on yourself. Reasons for being (or not being) vegetarian are numerous, and if the animal rights path is not for you, that's ok too. I'm mostly vegetarian (but fish makes it onto my plate more often than not), but not for animal rights reasons. In fact, if you think about it -- if you met a hungry lion, he wouldn't care too much bout your rights... So...

Reasons can be: health, spiritual, allergies, just don't like it. And if you like it, and eat it (and you obviously eat less of it than most people), why not? We are omnivorous for a reason. Nature must've intended it :-)

And as far as I'm concerned, eating some meat is not gonna make you a bad person. Just like not eating it is not gonna make you a good one. It's a dietary choice... No more, no less...

tschoerda hat gesagt…

thank you for your comments!

vasilisa, i really appreciate your point of view ... especially the "good person / bad person" part, because that really is true! eating meat IS a dietary choice, i haven't really given that a thought so far ...

i totally like to kick myself in the nuts (if i had some) too. i might be a bit of a masochist, actually :D while i cut other people slack all the time, telling them to chill and relax, i am always too hard on myself.

i need to work on my attitude ...

pond hat gesagt…

haha.. you're so sweet!
I like this blog :)
i'm so lazy - i don't work, i hardly do anything at all, i sleep alot.. and yet it takes me an hour to wake in the morning.
but i've been a vegeterian for a century. once its in your nature it doesn't take any effort to be 'it'.
after that has been said..
don't force yourself into it. do whatever feels good. its no good forcing a vegetarian diet on yourself and fighting it day and night.
my father was vegetarian for most of his life. now he eats meat occasionally. i think thats okey.

thepassionatecook hat gesagt…

love the new(?) design by the way... sorry to only notice now, but have been off line a bit...