28. Februar 2007

perfectly normal

the lovely burekaboy tagged me for a meme about 6 weird food facts and it did not take me long to come up with food related weirdness! i honestly thought that there was nothing really weird about me, not food wise and not in general ... errrr, but who am i kidding?! my eremite lifestyle only makes me think i am perfectly normal, but when i socialise and i find myself outside of my bubble, i always discover that my daily routine might not be so normal after all ...

  1. i just hate to eat off of colourful plates when i have a main course. white, my friend, white is the only way to go when it comes to dishes!! that can go as far as me not being able to finish a dish because the colourful surface of the plate shines through my soup or the pattern looks disturbing on the edge of the plate. i can eat my cerial in a red bowl though. hm. what's up with that? that never occured to me!
  2. i only started to eat raw tomatoes like half a year ago. i was already 30 years old. i always hated them, gosh, even the thought of a raw tomato made me gag! i remember that my mother once forced me to at least try a wedge of a raw tomato (i was about 4 then) and i literally puked on the plate. she never forced any food of my dislike on me again.
  3. a disturbing thing i feel the need to share: i had a stupid phase a few years ago where i did not eat anything for three month. i am not proud of that, but since i never was a skinny girl a personal crisis kind of knocked me over the edge. i felt miserable the whole time, i did not loose any weight whatsoever and i finally figured out that i had to work on my state of mind rather than on my dress size. i have not looked back since and i am totally going for healthy instead of skinny these days ... and i proudly work my booty! boys totally dig that :)
  4. gooey food is my kryptonite! the mere thought of a slimy semolina dish makes me gag. remains of my childhood, i guess. i actually can eat that stuff now, i even make it myself from time to time, but thinking of gooey food still triggers my gag reflex.
  5. i can not stick to recipes. at all. usually i check the ingredients and completely ignore the directions. i only obeyed the exact recipes in home ec when i was 13. maybe that's because i copied my mamas "a little bit of this, a little bit of that" cooking style since i was 7 years old.
  6. i usually align my plate, cutlery and glas when i have dinner. call me crazy, but if it is not a right angle, it is a wrong angle! ocd, anyone? i always think that this might be a bit strange after all when i catch myself suppressing the urge to allign the things on the table when i dine in company.
phew, now you know ... that was actually fun!

do you want to join in? vasilisa? dianka? daniela? i want to leave an open invitation to this meme, because i guess i am the only foodblogger that did not participate yet ... so if you want to join in (it seems as if most of you already have) - just go ahead and leave me a little note!


vasilisa hat gesagt…

That's a great meme! I'm going to post something bout it probably tomorrow. Thanks for invitation :-)

(unless, of course, I go into labour or some other baby related crisis and forget everything under the sun...)

burekaboy hat gesagt…

wow, you REALLY are strange! [only joking :P]

i hate colourful dinnerware too, especially those flowery ones or terrible bright patterns. white is classy and always a great choice, i think. just say NO to grandma's royal albert!!

i think a raw tomato and some semolina goo on a bright flowered plate would send you over the edge!! LOL.