21. Oktober 2005

freestyle strudel

i made a resolution the other day: though going back to my busy schedule i want to cook at least every other day. so i hurried home from work today bearing in mind that i had about one and a half hours to prepare something, eat, and rush to university.

i hectically cut up onions, garlic and zucchini, let it simmer for a while, threw it onto some pre-made strudel-dough, sprinkled some cheese on it, rolled it, put it in the oven ...

... and i had a decent and delicious vegetable strudel half and hour later. reasonable eathing habits just require good planning! i need to rush, see you later!

ps: i plan on making muffins again since a friend of mine is having his bithday tomorrow!


angelika hat gesagt…

Congratulations, managed very well...Sound great. Good photos as usual. I hate to cook in a hurry, but sometimes you cannot avoid it, unfortunately. Happy muffin-baking, angelika

ilva hat gesagt…

Great idea Gerda!