19. Oktober 2005

hurry up, girl!

i was going to post an entry on how well i prepare for a regular busy day with a jam packed schedule 6 hours of work, 8 hours of university or vice versa, how i pre-cook stuff and take it with me.

i had it all figured out. in theory. and now i can not tell you about that though.

because i did not prepare well today. i overslept, was in a hurry and now that i am here at university for 6 hours and i just happen to notice that i have not eaten a single bite today. and that i did not bring anything with me.

i hate it that it is actually my first busy day and i've already fallen back into my bad habits! a quick question: are there any other foodbloggers out there who need to squeeze their meals into a busy schedule and a tight budget? i am sure all you other guys here need to figure that out too.

how do you not forget to care for you, foodwise?
is it about a daily routine and habits you get used to?

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angelika hat gesagt…

Hi Gerda, maybe hide some of your delicious muffins and surprisingly find them again before you leave for university ;-) ? I personally hate to squeeze in my meal into a busy schedule, I prefer to eat in the evening; but a nice piece of cake in between - that's something I (very) often cannot resist. Don't get frustrated, enjoy cooking, eating and blogging ! angelika