12. Oktober 2005

maple sirup

eversince my quebecois guest talked about the big tradition of maple sirup in canada i've had such a craving for it!

here in austria it is neither easy nor cheap to obtain a bottle of the sweet treat. i bought a bottle of 375 mililiters for 7 euros. it is grade c - i wonder if this has anything to do with the quality.

i bought the bottle a week ago and i already used up a lot since i discovered i just looooove the taste of maple sirup on my moring cereals.

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johanna hat gesagt…

ha! maple syrup! indeed not something we're that familiar with in austria. i discovered it through a quebecois friend as well, they brought me a number of tins, even a recipe book - roast chicken etc... i've yet to try any of the sweet&sour recipes, so far i only use it on my pancakes and french toast, never on anything else. but at least it's easy enough to find here, although the quality is never on par with the real thing. greetings to my hometown ;-)