18. Oktober 2005

kitchen meme

i have been tagged by ilva to do a kitchen meme and i am very excited! i feel very welcome to the exquisit round of foodbloggers! thanks folks!

(since my internet at home is not working at the moment, i will take the pictures later, drag my laptop to university and upload the pics tomorrow)

1) Show us your kitchen ( a picture) and tell us what is it about this place that reflects your own personality. my kitchen does not reflect my style of cooking. i am an art student, i have no money and this is simply the cheapest one i found. i does not even fit im my flat. i just could not afford a decent one *g*. cooking has a big tradition in my family though. i used to help my mother in the kitchen from a young age, maybe 5 or so. washing salad, cleaning vegetables ... by the age of 10 my sister and i where cooking whole meals for 5 people. when my grandmother passed away last year i asked my grandfather to give me one of her pans as a thing to remember her by. he gave me a tiny little pan which i always found very amusing ... why did she have such a minipan since she was always cooking for at least 5 people?!? now it has become one of my most used kitchen things since it is the perfect size for a single gal like me. my grandmother has always been a great example on how not to loose your nerves in the kitchen. i still miss her a lot.

2) Open a cupboard (the one you feel to open), take a picture and tell us what we see.
as i am trying to change my eating habits at the moment i bought some pretty out of range food (buckwheat, amaranth, spelt wheat flour). new tastes, new flavours! seasoning is also very important for me. as well as having good oils and vinegars in store

3) Present us your favorite kitchen-based household appliance.
i only have a mixer and a brandnew electric scale. i use the scale every day, it's probably the most important household appliance i own.

4) Take out the ingredients you like the most, the ones you always keep stored.
garlic, garlic and some more garlic!

5) My little steel friend: present us to your favorite cooking/baking recipient.
that would be the pan with the lid!

i want to pass on the torch to the flying apple since angelika was very supportive about my whole "hey, i'm gonna start up a foodblog"-thing ... :)


angelika hat gesagt…

Hí Gerda, how kind of you - thank you !!! - and though I am a rather unpatriotic person (Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel) I am glad that now we are two of us in Austria. I am looking forward to the pics - and more beautiful posts. I hope I will be able to get my meme done next week (heaps of work in my studio here). BTW, I can understand you very well that you miss your Grandmother, and a caring (cooking) Grandmother simply is one of the most comforting gift in one's life. I am sure she would like (or likes) to see you using the little pan and watch you cooking... Have a good day and take care - and thank you again for tagging me, angelika

ilva hat gesagt…

Great! I love your photos! And especially the greeting wave in the last pic! What type of camera do you use?

tschoerda hat gesagt…

i use a sony cybershot f-77. it has a slewable lens which is pretty unique i guess. and you can make stunning pix from unexpected angles!