9. Oktober 2005

me and food

i like to cook, but i haven't really done that lately. i have a pretty ambivalent relationship with food, ingestion and nourishment and this is actually pretty bizarre. i really love to watch people eat the dishes i prepare. i like to see them enjoy my cooking. but i rarely allow myself to indulge in a beautiful feast ... i try to change that, get a little perspective and enjoy good food rather than chasten myself.

i intend to prepare healthy dishes with quality food as well as luscious little treats. i really like upper austrian plain fare (expecially from mühlviertel) and since i also enjoy inspiring recipies from all over the world i am willing to try out new things and experiment, taste new food, enjoy new scents and tastes and get a whole new perspective of eating.

i also thought that it's not worth the trouble to cook for me alone. well, i've been thinking. it IS worth preparing a delicious meal for myself!

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angelika hat gesagt…

Hi Gerda, I absolutely agree with you - though I also love to cook for my family and guests we should also be prepared to cook for just ourselves once in a while. And you can fully concentrate on what you eat ;-)) ! Servus and welcome to foodblogging, angelika