24. Oktober 2005

my perception is changing

keeping my foodblog for over two weeks now is a daily challenge. and it has definitely changed the way i actually see food.

on both counts: even if i throw together some kiwis, yoghurt, cinamon and maple sirup i want it to look as pretty as possible to show off a little and to post as many nice pictures as possible for my ever-growing audience.

my perception of food is changing to the better as well - in only 2 weeks eating has become a rather joyful pleasure instead of an unavoidable must.

being a quite normal child, i became a chubby teenager and now i am a chubby adult. i always wanted to be skinny and not so long ago i developed a borderline eating disorder unnoticed by my social enviroment. i refused to eat for several month. i did not loose weight though, i only got depressed. thank good it dawned on me that i am actually playing havoc with my health. my relationship with food is still a litte ambivalent from time to time.

but with foodblogging something really strange happened: my whole focus is suddenly changing. i indulge in the passion of eating, can you imagine that? feasting on new tastes, flavours and also sharpening my senses and listening to my body and my needs. after all, i am what i eat.

thanks, this is really something i have to give all you marvellous cooks and foodbloggers credit for - your posts, pictures and recipes are very very inspiring!


ilva hat gesagt…

I knew it!! I knew that it was healthy to food blog!! I knew it!!
I like your panoramic views of your kitchen/room, they are really neat!

paz hat gesagt…

What a delicious looking dish of kiwis. I like kiwis a lot and am going to have to try your recipe. ;-)

I'm happy to read that you're now able to look at food in a different and healthy way and that foodblogging is playing a big part in the way you view food. Yay!

Keep posting all these great photos, foods, and recipes! I'm enjoying them.